Monday, April 15, 2013

Lanvin's futuristic, yet wearable fashion

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French label Lanvin takes us to the future of fashion with its ‘Mix Material Looks’ collection—a selection of creative pieces interweaving a range of fabric types and warped textures that make for a wearable utilitarian high-fashion.

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When I first saw the French collection, I was reading a dystopian sci-fi novel while tucked in on the couch in my humble Roman Magnus Atelier, in Palatine, Il. Seeing the headline ‘futuristic fashion,’ I was quickly sent back into haberdasher mode and onto exploring the nitty-gritty of Lanvin’s collection, which spells anything but bizarre and odd.

Lanvin’s rendition of future fashion is one that you can wear in your day-to-day chores. The collection is hinged on the French house mission to provide creative pieces yet wearable clothing that carries the style and innovation emblematic of Lanvin’s signature elegance.

Building on the current influence of sportswear, designers Alber Elbaz and Lucas Ossendrijver reworked nylon to make it as transparent as possible and a pleasing component of a wearable outfit. They matched the resilience of the thermoplastic with the classic appeal of luxe snake skins, silk fabric, zippers, and other twisted textures to create a solid display of disparate artistry that’s runway quality but practical enough.

Suffice to say, the jackets, shirts, and parkas under the ‘Mix Material Looks’ catalogue immediately soared in the must see section in my very own Roman Magnus blueprint for gent fashion, and I could see my entire haberdashery churning out edgy aesthetics with strong futuristic and sportswear inspiration.

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